Rajashree Mohapatra ( INDIA )

Rajashree Mohapatra ( INDIA )

Rajashree Mohapatra is a teacher of Geography by profession . A Post Graduate in History, PG Dip in Environmental Education and waste management and now she is a Post Graduate student of Journalism and Mass Communication. Poetry , painting and journalism are her Passions .She writes in Odia and English. Her poems are translated into many foreign languages and are published in Anthologies and in International ezines . For her Painting is a mode of creative expression and can communicate souls . She aims at promoting universal peace , environmental awareness and protection of human rights and is associated with Non Governmental Organisations


Oh ! My Soldier …

Every time You headed off
To fight for the Nation on the front
Oh dear …
No words for the life’s act
To express my bleeding heart .

In gloomy days of dark clouds
The Nation craves with no sound
With a ray of hope through dark nights
You bravely stand as a glimmer of light.

You are the pillars of nation’s edifice
Each one honour your sacrifice
Song of glory , our hearts sing
And across the Nation , the applause rings .

Oh dear ! Hero of nation
Cross hurdles , nothing is impossible
Challenges you meet, make all possible
You are courageous , serve unknown
We salute you for your bravery known .



Love is a current in life’s flow 
Traces of memories at its shore .

Under arches of happiness and sorrow
Seeds of dreams dropped in furrows.

Mists of doubts
Touch fleecy clouds.

Tears flow , parched hopes glow
Soulful cries create a shadow .

Hue of rainbow with a distorted vision
Etched in silence , a secluded region .

Living moments with fragrance of love
Lost in wilderness tracing petals touch .

Words expressed love are now meaningless
Promises fly with broken wings in darkness.

Words from the core are now rootless wanderers
Eyes may long for virgin to adore.

Silent are the songs gone with the wind
Love engraved in heart has lost its rhythm.

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