Poems by Dr. Sunny Kaur

Poems by Dr. Sunny Kaur
Peace – The True Solace Of Life
Peace is all of us desire here and dream of,
No matter if rich or poor and the
famous or the lesser known of.
You can have everything possible by your side, But no point if no peace inside.
Chaos here and turmoil there
Peace is the only key – to keep it fair and square. Wars, fights, strifes go on in our world indefinitely, Peace is the cure – the only true antidote to our fears, hatred, greed, inhumanity and all brutality.
For you to hear me and comprehend my piece,
You need to be patient with a mind full of peace.
Let peace be in you and in me,
For there is no substitute or will ever be.
Love and peace is all we seek for sure,
As we complete are journeys here.
Still after that, we bid goodbye and adios to
ones who pass away this mortality;
Rest in peace we wish those souls: till eternity…
Every Day, Every Moment, Every Breath Is Love
Love has no season
Needs no reason.
It’s all around us and within
In every universal creation.
You don’t need one day of the year
To express your love to all you care.
Love is the oxygen of our soul
Just as the air fills and nurtures the lung sole.
Love is the only most powerful force
Making us move on with hope and grace.
It makes life so worth living
Inspite of all so weird mortal dealing.
Love shines through it all ways
Giving light to the darkest pathways.
Love makes it all worthwhile
Gives us all a sense of value and agile.
All becomes possible and a lovely joyride
When love is by your side.
Even Valentines won’t have its essence
If love decided not to fill it with awesome sense.
If the Divine had ordained only one love day
Then we would all have been born on same birthday…
Loving You, My Love
Loving you has changed life for the best
All worries and stresses lay to rest.
My baby, you are my everything and all
Loving you is my life and my soul call.
Each thing is even more meaningful and beautiful Life in it’s new dawn, smiling at us blissful.
Loving you has calmed me, soothed me and raised me To heights where nothing and none could uplift me. My love, I rise in your thoughts sleep in them too
We are together Home and blessed in
this Divine Sacredness, so pure and true!
My doubts are gone forever
I’ve found you my love, erased all pains ever.
Though we are two bodies in this mortal life
Now we shine as one soul and unified eternal loving light. The Divine has been so very merciful and gracious
To bless us with this invaluable love so so precious. How do we thank thee
In gratitude we shall always be…
Love Goes On, No Matter What
This love goes on forever more The more I try to fight it
The stronger it seeps in
Each moment of each day
Is spent in thoughts of you. Each blessing in every prayer Whispers only your name. The Divine too is amazed
To see such intense immense love so true.
For He thought humanity lost this love forever
And didn’t feel it anymore anyway ever.
I ask in absolute wonderment to the Divine
That how do I contain and hold on to such infinite love so sublime!? Am I capable and strong enough
To be loving so much beyond everything?
He says it’s been seeded in you
So why worry, let it blossom and flourish.
For love can’t harm you in anyway
It’s only in you to grow and stay…

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