Lily Swarn’s ‘The Sun’: A Telling Critique of Environmental Plunder / By: Manab Manik

Lily Swarn’s ‘The Sun’: A Telling Critique of Environmental Plunder
Lily Swarn’s poem ‘The Sun’ reveals heart-rending agony for the terrible environmental plunder taking place in every nook and corner of the world. Throughout the entire poem the Sun has been humanised and personified. The poet feels the pain of the Sun, his panting for life in an asphyxiated atmosphere. The expression “noxious fumes” is a ‘disguised violence’ of which Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen talk about in their book ‘India — Development and Participation’. In a disguised way ‘the noxious fumes’ harm both nature and man. The terrible effect is seen in the death of millions of animals and birds everyday throughout the globe. Even people also suffer from many a disease including cancer that has no answer. The poem indirectly criticises all the armchair politicians who in the world conferences take many vows to check pollution but in reality do nothing to douse the flame of pollution. The Sun is the very source of life on earth but the humans are choking him. The image of the painful Sun may also indirectly refer to the poet’s son, battered, disfigured and asphyxiated by Time’s cruelty. There is also suppressed anger of the poet for terrible pollution that man is causing with indifference to Nature. A time will come when humans will be paid in their own coin — a tit for tat. This short poem in one sense is a reminder to the entire world to minimise and deduct man-mad pollution by hook or by crook, otherwise all the world will go to the graves dug by itself.
The sun
A bruised sun
Waded across the dismal azure
Battered beyond recognition
Scarred and disfigured
Panting for life
Asphyxiated with noxious fumes
Its gold raiments tattered
Its incandescent glow faded
The sun smiled bravely
Through the deadly haze
He had to live on
As the world depended on his Rays
Copyright Lily Swarn 15.11.2018
Manab Manik
Manab Manik is a bilingual poet and short story writer, translator and reviewer whose poems and stories have been published in India, Australia, Canada, USA, Belgium both online and print. He is also writing haikus which gain much popularity among the readers. His poetry books ‘Dreams Shattered and Other Poems’ and ‘My Poetic Offering’ published in 2019 have got great critical responses in India and beyond. His stories like Wilde’s and Tagore’s draw tears of the readers. Recently Manab is teaching English literature at Mugbasan Hakkania High School about 70 miles away from Kolkata in India.

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