Review on the Poetry Collection Book titled “Savage Wind” Delineated by Asoke Kumar Mitra / By: Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Review on the Poetry Collection Book titled “Savage Wind” Delineated by Asoke Kumar Mitra

The poetry collection book titled “Savage Wind” (A Bilingual Edition)is an experimentation of unique and special pedigree due to its presentation and the quality of the poems being included here in this edition.The book is renowned for its simple style,evocative expressions,apt renditions,breath-taking nobility, indepth ideas and true poetic vibes.

As l had gone through these poems,I did locate certain salient features associated with these poems.The cardinal characteristics reflected through the poems presented in this poetry collection book are (1)the feeling of alineation and the quest to stage a comeback into one’s native land(2)the apparent emotion of nostalgia(3)the importance of a world finetuned by time(4)the wings of imagination coming into play in terms of literary creativity(5)the struggle of the marginalised but genuine creative beings to be heard in this life(6)the collective consciousness of humanity(7)the union of two hearts interlocked in love(8)the eyes as the beholders of beauty and love(9)the literary flourishment and its onward journey into the unknown(10)the presentation of a turbulent world or a world in perpetual crisis(11)the enigmatic aspects innate in that night packed with actions and reactions(12)the masked face and its final outcome(13)the present era and its peculiarities(14)the relentlessness and restlessness born out of vices(15)the rising of the banner of revolt against a world which is domineering,suppressive,repressive and compressive(16)the recollections and reminiscences of life(17)the nature at its best(18)the world in a state of confusion socially,politically and morally(18)the vituperative tirades born out of cantankerous stance(19)the world in the grip of collective denial(20)the uncertainities and ambiguities of life(21)the half-baked aspects of life(22)the emotion of love fallen into bad habits(23)the love bugs constant pounding upon the strings of hearts of the human race(24)the world caught up in an information super highway and(25)the inevitable reality called death.

Asoke Kumar Mitra

These poems do evoke ideas related to A to Z of life.In fact,it is a comprehensive look at life from various perspectives and angles.Here,in these poems life and death merge to create a new dimensionality altogether.The nothing is discounted feeling takes centrestage with literary realities linked with life coming of age in a subtle fashion without hesitation,deviation and repetition here in these poems presented in this poetic marvel in the form of this book of outstanding quality.

Asoke Kumar Mitraji has emerged as force to reckon with in the literary arena of lndia through the publication of this book having the ingredients of creativity,artistic tone and aesthetic appeal.Let his poetic journey have an upward surge in days to come.My best wishes to him in his poetic journey of sum and substance.


Cijo Joseph Chennelil
Head of the English Department.Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala. India.

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