Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
They came thick and fast
Tearing up the gloom
With wisps of cotton wool
Knocking soundlessly on
The frozen window pane
The ghost of my home arose
From the death of its icicles
Dropping letters of love
Into lonely letter boxes
Messages from the land of snow
Where freezing is not an option
My snowflakes hardened into
Heartless blocks of ice
Wrapping my life in
Yards of sickly white palls
Staring goggle eyed at
Spindly nude branches .
The moon decided to
Take a detour
It was far too cold to shine !
Stealthily stealing into crevices
Craftily piling onto inviting surfaces
Freezing the blood in your veins
Whispering to the watchful owl
Teasing the sleeping squirrels
Caking up the chairs with icy cushions
The snow bombarded in silent eloquence
Taking over your table for two on the deck
You lost your battle to the might of nature
Seasons change with predictable chill
Quite unlike your frisky frolicking moods
I could have
trudged up your path
That chilling winter’s night
But the silvery moonlight
Blinded my senses
As I stumbled ,
Like a moth
on a window pane
Wading in the ocean
of milky conifers
Copyright Lily Swarn

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