Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Keep your spirit high
Always high
More high
Than death
So that it can not reach you and touch.
Just stay calm and pray.
Be thankful for every moment.
Your prayers will be heard.
Do not take stress.
Create a jovial atmosphere around.
Memories flash in your eyes which
Always crowned.
Plant trees, flowers in pots.
Watch them blooming.
Raise your hopes every moment.
Many bleeding counter parts.
Many whispering
Many praying
Many loving
Many trusting
Many facing
Inhaling problems over all.
Help those who want your help.
Do not leave humanity.
New dawn will come.
Happily dwelling paths
Embarking every soul.
Life is every bodies goal.
No me, no you, no mine and nor yours.
This is every bodies fear.
Death is frightening us all.
Dancing nude everywhere.
Do not be so wicked death.
Try to be little humble.
Learn to forgive.
Not to take lives of innocents.
No one wants to die.
Let them live and survive.
Life is auspicious one time offer.
Of Memories and moments
Let them live.
To complete their desires.
We will not surrender you death.
We will surf through
All subtles and tides.
They endevour.
They shower with mercy.
Taking pains of hard working.
Without labor we are nothing.
They work to create a masterpiece.
They are dignified in every eye indeed.
They resolute courage
Grim with energy to prosper in life.
They are angels of prosperity.
Following the dreams of many eyes.
They fetch everyone sight
Sacrificing their lives.
They are compassionate.
With passion of working hard.
They create a fantastic edifice
With pain and sacrifice.
They take challenges with dignity.
For sake of humanity.
No work is signifiicant Without courage of a labor.
Hardship fills the colors.
Ensure every Goal.
They are laminating stars.
Fascinating more with scars.
Sharing a tribute to labors to ensure them that we respect them a lot.
For making us more civilized in concrete walls building constructed by them.
©®Saraswati Poswal

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