MOTHER’S LOVE / Poem by Tulsi Shrestha

Poem by Tulsi Shrestha
Nothing is infinite than
That of mother’s love.
Such a precious divine love
Full of impalpable sweetness
She is such A one who
holds the eternity itself
inside her womb.
Nothing can compensate
Pains and griefs that
She had beared
For the prosperity
And future
Of her kids.
Unselfish and devotional
Mother’s love, is beyond
Our perception and
Beneath the shade of her breasts
Her children rejoice paradise.
We all receive the gift of life
From you,dear mother.
We all are nothing but
A part of you.
We cannot pay,never
The cost of nectar
With which you fed
All of us.
Indeed you are symbols of
Affection and compassion .
We do all really adore
You as a substitute
Of perfect
Divine Love
Divine Love.
By Tulsi Shrestha/

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