Zhou Duanzhuang (China)

Zhou Duanzhuang (China)
Zhou Duanzhuang, an excellent poetess in contemporary China, born in Shanghai in 1953. She graduated from Yangzhou College of Education and served as the first president of the Meiling Poetry Society. In 1970, she has ever worked in Xishuang Banna, Yunnan Province. Her poems have been carried on The Star Poetry Periodical, Monthly of Poetry Newspaper, The Yangtze, Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly, Chinese Poetry, Yangzhou Poetry, POMEZIA-NOTIZIE (Italy), MITOLOGÍA DEL RÍO (Peru), Kritya (India), and БКГ-BKG (Serbia), etc. Her important poems have been included into Classic Collection of Chinese Poetry and Painting in the Past One Hundred Years, One Hundred Young Poetesses in Contemporary China, Selected Short Lyrics by the End of the 20th Century, Poems by Poetesses of Yangzhou in the Past Dynasties, Seven Plus One (Chinese-English-Italian), Under The Azure Sky (India), and Biennial Poetry: Guided Reading in Contemporary Chinese Poetry 2019-2020, etc. In 1998 she was invited to attend the poetry activity in Russia. Some of her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Croatian, Arabic, Spanish, Tajik, Uzbek, Russian, Serbian, and Polish, etc. She has won the International Prize for Best Poet (IPTRC) 2020, Bangladesh Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021 and the 19th Lebanon International Prize for Literature. She now resides in Shanghai.
From the boundless starry sky, a few twitters of birds
Shooting stars are shooting overhead, burning, dimly visible:
A simple hut, a rose in a vase
Without the house it is a limitless field
I hear croaking of frogs, the night is the lonely soul
The perplexity of times echoes their mysterious talk
We are arranged in the complex movement
Yet eventually to fly away voicelessly, like all the labyrinths
It Darkens, Pale Gray and the Woods Is Dark
Light, gives birth to blossoms, dangling in the air
In the space beyond life, spiritual movement of in the unknown sphere
To accept the naïve shadow in poetry, to pray
Silently open the photos of my parents in their youth, sigh upon sigh
Flipping through my poetry, to gently lift up
My inner heart, long hair wafting, the last wisp of light
My eyes remain motionless, welling with tears
Hard to detain dusk, light
Runs in accordance with laws, to the other side, you cannot regret it
Slowly Close up the Poetry of Summer
Creek water running
We see the inner heart of the mountain
To mirror in its own water, it sees
Our frame of mind
But we have a long mountain way to go
The feet are sprained, the heart is heavy
Nothing to say, poetry reveals
Our frame of mind, thus
Listening to water babbling
Some minute things stay on drifting leaves
Slowly running through autumn, through autumn
To see the forest in advance, a lot of people in dustcoat
Let us slowly close up the poetry of summer
Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong

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