Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim Awarding & Presscon


Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim Awarding & Presscon

We, Filipinos and the PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY would like to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to the honor and recognition bestowed to our Founder and Creator of PENTASI B and Author of PENTASI B Collector’s Edition, Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim.

Two Filipinos were awarded and recognized by one of the biggest and prestigious literary organization in Tuzla, Istanbul, the KIBATEK 2nd INTERNATIONAL LITERARY FESTIVAL, they are Doc PenPen B.Takipsilim, Founder/creator and co-founder of PENTASI B WORLD Friendship Poetry and Caroline C. Nazareno, a multi-awarded, International Filipina Poet.

The highlight of the event includes the acceptance and honoring the works of Doc PenPen B.Takipsilim’s otherwise known as “PENTASI B Poetry” and corresponding
acknowledgment and great recognition as “Görsel Şiir Babasi”(FATHER OF VISUAL POETRY). Indeed, this is a momentous event!

The Filipinos here in Istanbul are very thankful for making our country proud in the field of Literature and Visual Arts.

Yes, we the Filipinos, are truly very thankful for these great recognitions, amazing free hotel accommodations, special tours to important archaeological sites, the book
display of PENTASI B POETRY in the Sabanci University and most of all the real and sincere appreciations made by the Tuzla Municipal Government especially the Tuzla Mayor, Dr. Şadi YAZICI, Tuzla Project Coordinator and Responsible for Foreign Relations – Project Research & Development, Asim Karabulut, KIBATEK Organization spearheaded by its directors Feyyaz Sağlam and Leyla ışık.


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