An Astral Nymph / An Acrostic Tribute To Helene Cardona

Helene Kardona

Helene Cardona




 An Astral Nymph

(An Acrostic Tribute To Helene Cardona)


Heroic personality she possesses in her form and features,

Eclipses she all who move around whether great or greater,

Laden with the load of humility, she ever discards vanity,

Eglantine rose, but planted, nourished in the urban garden,

Nordic with matchless beauty of limbs, face, eyes and hair,

Elegant in modes and manners, eloquent in bold expressions.


Crocus of the spring tide, the soothing gentle breeze of March,

Azalea feels shy in her presence, her charm enthralls zinnia too,

Regal splendour she bears in each movement of her limbs,

Dominates she all with her gracious captivating demeanour,

Opposes she all that is hurting and hateful to fellow-beings,

Nobility from top to toe, clad with neatened clean costume.

An astral nymph sojourned to leave memories on the planet.


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