Poems by Rainy Sarmistha



Poems by Rainy Sarmistha





A mirage in the desert

An illusion of his opulent sight

Intrigues a mellifluous fusion

On my impulsive ground of desire

His inclination lit incense

That dazzled and sparkled in the dark room

The aroma was so strong

That spreads far in to the desert

And the forlorn cactus

Stood still for the traveler

To quench his thirst

But love is a thirst

That never quenches by any water

Yearning as a thirsty river

It flows as love

Hence I ponder for him

Seduced by his alluring touch

You know what is that touch!

That is the same wind when touched

Me and him oh what a feeling!





Mystery crystalline


O’ love!

The dawn sky is glowing

As a sword blade fresh

From the mystery land

The crystalline river

Reflects by the glaze

Of bright sun


Last night I dreamt

I went to the mystery land again!

It seemed I stood by the Iron Gate

That was rusted by some unwanted questions


The murmur of the sea coming

As a crystalline reality

All my questions resolved in to it

And the answer floats across the cloud


I would stretch myself

And opening my eyes, be bewildered

At the glittering sun, clean sky

Suddenly with certain stillness

I found myself in the crystalline tranquility

And its so different from the soft moonlight

Of my dream I would not tell my dream

As it’s a dream where some memories

Still screams and now I have a dream

To convert the dream into crystalline reality


©® Rainy 2016





A dark pen!

I was in the midst

Of the daydream

Where I was locked

In the blank paper

Of gluten-filled fantasy


I stared out at the insanely

Blue half-baked sky

The domain of my docility

Forced my finger

To drive my strong pen

To ink black

On the blank paper

Of day dreaming.


©® Rainy 2016


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