Poems by Tatjana Debeljački

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Tatjana Debeljački


Tatjana Debeljački, born on 23.04.1967 in Užice. Writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. Member of  Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia – HDS Serbia, HUSCG – Montenegro and HDPR, Croatia. A member of Writers’ Association Poeta, Belgrade since 2008, member of Croatian Writers’ Association- HKD Croatia since 2009 and a member of Poetry Society ‘Antun Ivanošić’ Osijek since 2011, and a member of “World Haiku Association“ – 2011, Japan.

Union of Yugoslav Writers in Homeland and Immigration – Belgrade, Literary Club Yesenin – Belgrade. Member of Writers’ Club “Miroslav – Mika Antić” – Inđija 2013, Writers’ Association  “Branko Miljković“ –   Niš 2014, and a member of Japan Universal Poets Association (JUNPA). 2013. “Poetic Bridge: AMA-HASHI  (天橋)

Up to now, she has published four collections of poetry: “A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS “, published by ART – Užice in 1996; collection of poems “YOURS“, published by Narodna knjiga Belgrade in 2003; collection of haiku poetry “VOLCANO”, published by Lotos from Valjevo in 2004. A CD book “A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS” published by ART in 2005, bilingual SR-EN with music, AH-EH-IH-OH-UH, published by Poeta, Belgrade in 2008.”HIŠA IZ STEKLA” was translated into Slovenian and published by  Banatski kulturni centar – Malo Miloševo, in 2013 and also into English, “A House Made of Glass” published by »Hammer & Anvil Books» – American, in2013.

“KUĆA OD STAKLA“–  “  ガラスの家“–  “A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS“.Tatjana Debeljački  タチアナ デベリャスキー,Serbian – Japanese and English, published by Poeta, Belgrade in 2015.

“The Show”, published by Poeta, Belgrade in 2015.

. New book “Duet of Crimson”. By Tatjana Debeljački, Haruka Ishii. Publisher: Japan Universal Poets Association. Edit/Translation Mariko Sumikura (Japan) 2016.


Her poetry and haiku have been translated into several languages.


The main editor of DIOGEN and POETA






Keep this heavy prayer as a secret

I ask you to go because I love you

Prayers for mercy and salvation

I sink into their silence.

Passion freezes in us

With its honest scream,

With a vowel and a consonant,

And we would, and we’d not,

Or we would, and would, but…

Love shoots in its core,

Mollified and coddled,

Yet I speak about my heart.

Meet me.

There is the one who will remember

And in the silence dare

Add, deduct and love again.

Meet me, you the first and the last one.

What do free acts and thoughts restrict?

An image grown from the words hides the rainbow

God is the witness of the fragile flow,

Slave driver.

Jealousy does not sharpen you

You are defeated by safety

And deceived by the mirror reflecting you as one

With a prelude, a quibble

Years, years and swallows .

Love named by my name, his surname,

Thank to your heart and faith.

Nothing remains but

The mighty anticipation.





“Why are you smiling, my love?” – he asks

for a kiss. “Did you thank?”

Yes, I did, from the bottom of my heart”

“Did you see anything, save for the secret soul? And what do you see now?”

“I see us among stars” – and he smiles.

And I was illuminated by a beam of sweet love.

Burnt by the fire of sweet kisses.

In the spring’s dream, lasting loyally.





Legs tied to a bouquet of roses;

hands free for prayer;

hear covered by buds;

her name born by a proud peacock.

Angel light, illuminate

the image of a yellow rose and promiscuity

Saints shameless and fearless.

Love alters us.

They deprived it of

toys and a lover.



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