Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy


Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy



I look through autumn my mirror


I don’t stand before mirror
during autumn
the bygones recent or far
some still crisps
some are decayed moistened
are lying infirm rhythm less
nothing to exude
some falling nonchalantly still now
no haste unleashed from
all duties reminds me of my ripen time
I feel exfoliation of my cells
interior and exterior
shrivelled up twigs dangling from
the boughs upper and lower
are my limbs
that lack the strength to hold
neither present nor future
the loom that once yielded explosive thoughts
are rusted today
thoughts no more bang out
rather sways with the rushing time
being grey


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)25/09/2016





Night still resides
under the shade of sun
its too sooty to be brushed off
sun has to hide
still the villages
you won’t find in any page
where mukhias reign and run
to whom books are still stranger
their subjects are meant for fun
the villages where girls are still
put before them as pledge
where hunger prevail over blood
where teen girl whose bosom is yet to sprout
treated as stuff to loot
if caught by chance ‘nikah’ or saadi becomes
an eye wash and as play toy
sheltered under foot
then bred like cattle and placed
in a corner away from the world
and behind parda or under ghomta
their youthful life is made messed
consumerism albeit has adorned their courtyard
with car kitchen washroom with modern gadget
but the vessel that weaves wise healthy thought
still remains prehistoric too damp to be lit


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)24/09/2016





Don’t know
who is for hell who is for heaven
don’t wanna know rather
who is to give and what to be given
if it is the thing the mother got from heaven
if he is the one trampled under the raven
I must wish the world of valour would muster
in the mother’s hand
and the assault would liven
on the raven







Now the prow is fixed
towards its goal
unlike mortal pace
during morning walk or evening stroll
as it is time for my short while camp to roll
‘cuz the lot behind to be fit
into this labyrinth hole

this is neither walking nor running
it is jetting with growl
growling under which the bygones glimmer
the long uttered two roads
lose their invincibility
this is the only road
where predators don’t prowl

the place I’m heading to is a place
all greed and lusts kept in silent mode
where all chronicled worldly sins
sublime in the sky of lord’s clemency
the volatile spirit survives
being bound with eternity’s lace;


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)23/09/2016





Void is the urn
once treasured golden dream
dreams that travelled
lands beyond maps
like boundless streams
over hedges mosses sometimes
brushing past rocks immersed

got merged with royal pools
many a times
gave away shoulder to unclothed princes
in swimming during their leisure
painted so many moisten kisses on their naked feet
washed away so many witchy yesterdays
adorned tomorrow’s door step

now time reigns over me
it has soaked slumber from my eyes
perhaps those lands have lost lush for ever
and those princes their lust
time has taken back everything
from everyone by its blast


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)22/09/2016



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