Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal






Lets talk again

As the starngers meet

And spred the fragnance of love

Lets forget

We belong to this world

We are not insane

We are one soul

Striving to meet again

Like the moon light dying to meet moon

Like the dews want to kiss the petals

Like the rivers want to merge in seas

like the clouds want to drizzle

And land spendid to get wet again

Lets talk like the strangers again.


@Saraswati Poswal








This is the right time

Last day of Shradhs..

Shradhs means..our belief

All dedication from my heart

May our ancestors…

Get food, water and shelter…

Where they are born..

Where their soul resides..

May get peace..

He whole heartedly…

Believe in the rituals..

Performed and taught by them..

Make us a kind and loveable soul

These are the fifteeen days..

When our ancestors..

Come and watch us..

How much we remember them..

What tribute we give them..

Told by our elders..

They can not be seen..

But could be felt from heart..

These fifteen days..

Comes every year these days called Shraads..

We offer them food,water..

They go back looking their successors

The one offering are praised and blessings are given to them..

I praise my ancestors four fathers..

Where ever their soul is may get everything.

They strive and move for love and dedication..

How much we wish for their soul to be in peace.


@Saraswati Poswal







Mute were minds

Woods looked us both

Trying to persue the speeches

Started with breeze

When we first met

This was the bench

Where we waited

For each other to


All the beautiful acts

Of watching each others eyes

Trying to touch each other

Making false excuses

You tried to lean on my shoulder to embrace the beauty of nature..

Flowers too started mersmerising listening our verses

We shared wonderful movements

Started as a strangers

End up being soul mates to each other

Now this bench is waiting for the new people to sit

And whisper in air

Flowers spred the fragrances

To make new compactability


@Saraswati Poswal







Sitting on the window frame shelf…

She murmured in her…

Soft spoken words…

Waiting for you papa..

In the window pain…

When will you come back…

And hugg me with love…

Will you take that shrub…

From my foot..

You taught me to walk…

But you never said..

World is field of marathan..

I learned to walk..

No waiting..

Mom told angels took you with them..

Please do come back papa…

Tell those angels…

Your small angel is waiting for you..

To learn how to run…

Please come papa..

Your doll waiting for you…

To learn how to run fast…

Give me hugg papa…

Your doll is waiting papa..


@Saraswati Poswal





Saraswati Poswal



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