Rehmat Changaizi


Rehmat Changaizi

Poet, writer and philosopher.


He belongs from Punjab, Pakistan. He graduated in Homeopathic medicine and graduated in Law from  M.I.U.  Azad Jammu & Kashmir.  He completed  master degree in Urdu literature from University of  Sargodha, Pakistan. The main theme of his writings is Love and mysticism. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish and Arabic, and have also been published in several  journals, magazines and anthologies at national and international level.



Mia Bella Dea (Collection of English poems)


Rehmat Changaizi’s poems main subject is Love. Mia Bella Dea is the collection of poet Rezi’s pretty poems of love and lovers. This collection allows You will see the world of love from a different point of view and gain insights into your life. These poems will open lover heart and soul. In his poems Rezi expressing the mysteries of love, the heart’s longings and ecstasies.


Some poems from Mia Bella Dea





In the ample desert of EGIPT

Everything is dormant, tranquil

Life slowly follows the script…

Air in its awe, remains still


The sky is free of a cloud,

Life walks, pacing alone

Dessert animals calling aloud

They’re free… dry to the bone…!


A couple of thirsty lovers

Skim each-other’s souls…

Like low flying plovers

Atop the suds-foamy shores…!


Air moves sand at will

A lover uses a full fist…

Spreading passion as a thrill

And scented love in the mist…!


On all the vast dessert

Bellow the blue sky…

The sun scorching oasis

Provokes the love to arise…!


I open my eyes…

My feet caressing the sand,

Was I sleeping in fog?

Was I holding my lover’s hand?


In the wasted life of the dessert

My blood left stipples engraved…

Marking the blue sky in my soul

With fickle scars well saved…!





When you gave me

A Bouquet of colorful flowers,

I saw you in every petal

Expressing your beauty very well

Where are you…?


You’re essence remains

In everything you touched,

In the mirror you combed your hair

In the window pane

When we looked at the stars


You impregnated my room,

Now I see you

When I get up…

And when I sleep

I dream you





You and I

Are standing

Hand to hands,

Let’s go and travel

Into the colors of paradise


We’ll paint our love

In each other soul…!

With scatter colors

Start your portrait,

And softly

Outline your love…


You are my goddess

In your new painted world

Include us

As the only

Two living angels.



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