Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Aziza - 1

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh



The world is my family


I believe that
The world is my tribe
We are relatives and cousins
Brothers and sisters
We are sons and daughters
Of father Adam and mother Eve
We are the humankind
The only kind with mind
I wonder then
Do we struggle?
Do we appreciate violence?
Isn’t peace the best way
To survive
Isn’t love the best way
To cherish one another?
Let’s forget about selfishness
And share our homeland
My home is your home
And yours is mine
As real family members
Let’s say
No wars
Let’s stand against
The politicians’ greedy aims
Let’s support those
Hungry people
Let’s shelter those
Who live in dirty camps
Let’s give a new birth
To humanity
And sing altogether one song
Happy birthday humankind!



My Wonders


I wonder…..
why the world has forgotten
white and green colours of peace
And wore the red colour of blood
I wonder…..
why mothers have forgotten
to hug their kids
teaching them loving others
is precious
I wonder ………
why parents haven’t taught their kids
respecting differences, loving human beings
I wonder ……..
why men have forgotten
Taking care of their families
Instead of joining those
who made of them monsters
I wonder…….
why those people with dead feelings
Why do they appreciate planting bombs?
Why don’t they plant trees and jasmine plants?





Don’t be late
The caravan will move on
The desert is the desert
Many souls were lost there




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