Wake up… / Jaime Gonzalez


Wake up…

Wish immaculate for live a life, fill it full of perfumes, wishes, moments, filled with everything, in a day or a night of dreams.
Foraging the sweet poison of kisses, get into eyes, colonize a body and that’s my whole world.
Converge to discover a soul, a soul full in a world of realities, delivery, needs and of delirium.
Find love without fear, to make love without questions, live ecstatic without a past that you slander.
Wet my hands empty to find a spring in the flowery sex of my need.
My fingers arid wanna get involved in some forgotten rivers, streams of orgasms forgotten by love, the desire and the delivery.
My body down and abandoned wants to find the destination in a few arms, my breath hurt wants to heal from lips that destroyed my kisses.
A heart looted by the disappointment and injustice, a love without love who do not understand and refrains from give time, give life, and hope.
Souls in a war without end, for defeating the gloom and cold blood of solitude, hearts on the run for a pain that Marco as a slave the exist.
Like finding a few eyes and staring without looking down, maybe eyelids ashamed they want to run away from fear, want to close every door that leads to the heart.
Possess a body and a soul in pain an sadness, anger in my body and my soul in hopes he’ll want do hastiarse and offer more than just a kiss, a caress, more than life.
Love in my preoccupations and blanket with my anxiety, pave a look and take a body without just touching one inch of skin.
It is possible in this time of shadows, where my illusions are asleep and my body lies in desolation and neglect to give him a truce and a enjoyment.
Maybe falling in love as the night falls in love with the full moon, don’t walk away from an abyss, while another abyss call me euphoric and my soul immune obey him.
In the confines of my dreams, my dying body is more visible, that stupid feeling to hold on to, leaving without desire, without the possibility of choice, it is cowardice.
Wait till this feeling becomes hostile, before my stubbornness to be corrupt and steal time and space.
Like call him, like giving a name to this grave exposed unjustly, where invisible chains around my exist, shackles of a feeling delusional and misunderstood.
A feel, a love bleeding that drowns fearful, emotions who never learned to swim, where there was no visible someone to teach her how to do it.
Maybe selfishness, bitterness, roots of bitterness and pain that are repugnant, or are in a complete disagreement with life.
There will be a solid reason to continue or get thrown into an abyss and continue with this doctrine of silence, which more than doctrine is an inescapable masochism.
Feed this sectarianism or destructive this spell of a reality confused, where one is the one who loves with the soul.
There’s a thousand reasons to live, but there was no real grounds to move forward and wait, Resurrect Loves, passions not living, but that we do not die.
Happy existential in a new tomb, bitter in a real paradise, where they don’t know where to go, that heart, take that road crossing.
Sacrifice a hidden section, there are so many emotional, mirages, illusions that are enemies of life and destiny.
Enemies of the glory days, where the dignity is much more than just pleasure, more than a kiss, more than one caress, more than a fleeting illusion, where it defines if it’s a sad or happy to wake up.




Jaime Gonzalez
All rights reserved
Cali, Colombia

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