Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH



What for the seasons change?


As I walk and walk and walk
Surroundings keep luring me
Different shades of emotions
Like the ever momentous nature
Seasons the very essence of life
We relate all our life’s moments
Popping up like a flicker of change
Nature, life, breath and existence
Nothing goes untouched hitherto
A child, a word, a smile, a sprout
None remains untouched from change
But then everything grows and how?
One moment of happening for good or bad
Several moments of smiles or difficulties
Trigger a chain of season of change
Would anything withstand stillness?
Stillness that is as pregnant as the cosmos
Stillness such a deep word to ponder
Change such a common word to witness
Relentless and ever evolving by dint of divinity
Moments of happiness savoured for an instant
Hardships languish within to strengthen our zeal
May be my words fail to express the Change
Yet the steps don’t stop as long as breath continues
Hence I walk and walk and walk.




What for the destruction sustain?


As I walk and walk and walk
A smile comes over my face
Nature never frowns over the difficulties
We ever crown our positives and negatives
Are we so weak to sustain the derivatives?
Wow such a great divine ordain to live up to
Every little effort conjures a little choice
Lets live our bits of blessed choices
Creation never wanted destruction
A little bit of love and affection
A little bit of compassion and care
Have we not enjoyed the care of nature?
Where everything flows unhindered
What a lovely phase of existence
Where everything lives in consonance
I may be wrong in my thoughts
Yet nature is ever unforgiving
There is no sometime or something
Just a little bit of surrender
To all that is ordained as it is
Destruction is a self-will constructed
In a futile effort to resurrect
Ah the thoughts and walks
As I continue to walk and walk and walk.




What for the wisdom search for?


As I walk and walk and walk
I remember of my days of Jaigarh forte
Mountains, caves, crevices, ranges
Man made pathways on peaks
Also, remember the great Himalayas
Through images seen in portraits
And lives of sages read in epics
Then the serene unperturbed silence
Prevailing in the lively wilderness
Jungles full of life and death and offshoots
Wisdom a word derived from experience and knowledge
Shall I call crème’ de la Crème’
All that life offers to us in benevolence
For being a part of this wondrous existence
Scattered with joys and sorrows
Paths of learning and unlearning
Woven with emotions and sentiments
Destruction and evolution visible ever to blinds
Days and nights, light and darkness emerge and submerge
A little spark of a question arises in my mind
What for? Whom for? To what avail?
Bewildered I walk and walk and walk
On my ancient road of questions.




What for the depth entice?


As I walk and walk and walk
Nostrils fill with breeze of nature pristine
Nature sways in eternal dance of freedom
Gravity pulls all beauty in its aperture
What shall I express of this beauty
Wherever I walk, like a shadow this beauty follows
From the thin crevice of my nostrils seep in
Some chemical, so industrial air that steal
Nature’s benevolence of freshness and blissful gifts
My walks sometimes take me to the ocean shores
Hot in day time and cool in evening breeze
Sands ever inviting for a walk of thrust
Not minding the robustness of roads around
Just that reminding us its what your roads are made of
It’s what industries and buildings you boost off
With a vehemence, the ocean surface titillates
Always gushing and drenching the sands of shore
The shallowness of ocean visible to open eyes
Shows reflection of our own way of life
Plastic, rubbish, used canes and trashes
All showing us what we are capable of
Dethroning the universal existence
For personal leisure and benefits
Sometimes I take a dive within the ocean
A place where life just moves on peaceful
Oceanic ecosystem at its invisible best
The upper layer crying with askance
Do we get an opportunity to be within?
The depth that contains oceanic love and luster
Fear of losing our life of artificial comforts
A mixture of divinity and demonic existence
Why will not the depth entice to its Love?
Though sluggishly yet I walk and walk and walk.



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