IT RAINS LOVE, AGAIN / Poem by Roula Pollard


You sat on a chair
near the sky of my heart
before dawn, perfection of all time.
Your hand touching my hand 
and beyond into the universe
you touch me in an instant of eternity,
hugs unlock my mind again.
I gaze into your eyes, in my eyes
always an unexpected journey we sail
our souls, minds, bodies
our love-sky,
and on the Earth it rains again
love with happiness it rains again
our love, like lingering kisses,
mingles with the happiness of rain!

Euphoria of abundance, in pure rain
abundantly we kiss love and life again
and you bless me, I bless you like rain
in the core of our mind a new world begins
like rain, in the depth of our bodies love
is born like light, new hope everywhere
it rains on the plains of light,
love of all time it rains again
I discover you and me again
our love is overcoming human hate
war destruction ceases for a moment
burdens are lifted over ground

With our love Peace begins
on the horizon again.
Deeply I love you again
in the depth of my ocean
from the sky love God gifts us
as it rains love of happiness
love of love we seed again.


© Roula Pollard
All rights reserved

Translated into Telugu by Dr L Sr Prasad

Google photos- not used for commercial purposes

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