Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Is it love ?
Remember those days when
you would tell lies to save me from the teacher’s wrath?
Say that you forgot my notebook home ?
I think that was love
Or the time when you stood in front of me
To ward off that resounding slap ?
I think that was love
The last bite of missi roti that you loved
But kept for me for you knew that I loved it too ?
I think that was love
The pouring rain you drove through ,wet to the skin
To deliver my favourite flowers at my doorstep
I think that was love
Or when you told the sun to go away
And requested the stars to come out ?
I think that was love
The wilted flowers of jasmine
that you kept all day in your palm
To give me one whiff ?
I think that was love
The particular baby pink that suited me
How you hunted it out for me
Sweating in the sweltering heat ?
I think that was love
You never ever said it you know
I never asked you to say it either
For I knew that it was love
How easily we bandy this word about
The hallowed sacrosanct word
It pops out from every page
Stares from every corner
Are you sure it is love?
Copyright Lily Swarn 6.8.2017
Monster of War
The sounds of the fighter aircrafts thundered through the terrified skies
Children cowering like scared rabbits scurrying into their burrows
Their parents had a chill in their helpless hearts
When countries go to war
Life doesn’t stop in the universe
It only gets maimed and mutilated
Mauled by the man eating lions of war
Vultures and carrion birds hover for their prey
Mounds of carcasses pile in careless heaps of spiritual disarray
Hurricanes of cruelty swarm like locusts on the prowl
Orphans Yelp and howl with piteous sounds
Widows shriek and wail
While the Monster of War tramples all that comes in its way.
Copyright Lily Swarn 30.7.2017

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