Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Let’s be hard workers
Let’s wake up all
Let’s make a place 
in this competitive world

Let’s go ahead always
Let’s finish corruption
Let’s make our country strong
Let’s clean our country

Let’s contribute some time
For the best and strongest country
Let’s have proud to be Indian
Let’s search where our country stand ?

Let’s be humble ,be soft
Let’s sing praise songs
For this pious country
Let’s talk about all dispute

Let’s solve problems what we have
Let’s be the leaders of all
Let’s have patience
Let’s adopt policy of non violence

Let’s spread enlightenment everywhere
Let’s search where our country stand ?
Let’s spread the message of of kindness
Let’s be good thinkers for young buds

Let’s open eyes of our young power
Let’s build great future in our classes
Let’s stop discrimination of caste ,creed
Let’s develop for whole world our need.



O! God I will be in your debt till my death
If our neighbours may be friends forever
There would be peace ,No one will tease 
O! Moon come spread flowers of humanity

O! Lord Shiva bless us patience
O! Sky give us stars for twinkling
None will cry for sons and daughters
War Destroy everything

Can it be stopped forever ?
Bless us wisdom to talk of humanity
Keep your hand on our heads
For love and care to decorate this Eden

Full of brotherhood
Allah blessed us your kindness to all
I listen the voice of my heart
Listen all of yours

No need of weapons
This and that land will be for all
To cultivate love in all hearts
Be human for all human beings.



I love that tree who is waiting
for splashing rain
My heart is crying for that pain
I’ve sensation in my veins
Tree has beautiful eyes

That gave me body
Mind and soul
Truly lust was not my goal
Tree has that spirit
Required by my spirituality

My whole life will be in debt
To that friend who is withered
And waiting for splashing rain
Its branches full of fragrance

Seeing it eyes get essence
No one is here when we talk
In this beautiful dark forest
Rain of love is on zenith.

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