Another Tomorrow / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
Another Tomorrow
Watch the children dance
hear them sing
see them play
in squalor
in war torn places
in poverty
they find a way….
The belly hungry
the spirit filled up
water is scarce
smiles more so
no toys available
the wild dandelions
blowing lazily
in the heaviness of the late waning summer
inviting wishes for tomorrow
not that there be a better one
that there be one….
A tomorrow….
Just one more
that baby down the road
is sure to be born
and the men digging the well
assured them
they will strike water
they need more time
another tomorrow…..
The village was blown up
bodies flying
children screaming
mother’s crying
father’s numb
survivors surviving in camps
between heaven and hell
a no-man’s land
an earthly nightmare
of man’s inhumanity to mankind
they ain’t seen no God
only the whiff of Satan
no evidence even
of an appearance of the Divine ….
the children play…..
And wait in hope for another tomorrow…
Life fights
for its right
to breathe
to live to the fullest
maybe play a different hand of cards
that aren’t stacked against them
and lady luck is on their side
holding nothing but Aces….
The children are the answer
The brightest hope for the future
They have the answers inside them…
Once free
they’ll save the planet
will reverence our mother
cherish their brothers
sisters too
rejecting false separations
as an old notion
hold them back
from their full flourishing
they know it
“the times they are a’changin”
someone said that
but whom….
They need another tomorrow……
©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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