WHITHER LOVE AND PEACE? / Poem by  S. L. Peeran


Poem by S. L. Peeran



Now the times have robed peace
We are in dead hurry with divided aims.
Gulping down litres of Alcohol
Smoking cigars, with jarring music
Mind reeling with speed, machine like.
Breaking promises at the drop of the hat.
Bereft of moral values, nature and God dead.
Churches abandoned, what remains are statues,
Staring at our face, looking askance.
Whither justice, Compassion, love, sacrifice?!
Abandoned children, loveless mothers.
A child searching for his father.
No siblings to share love,
Patience seizes to be a virtue.
O Time! Reverse your role.
Return my faith, my gift of motherly love.
Set the clock to peace and tranquility.


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