Poems by Sarah Shrestha

Poems  by  Sarah  Shrestha


Street Urchins

Every day as I walk along
I see children lying on the road
So pathetic are their plights
Tormenting to the human minds

Filthy skin and shabby garments
Spending nights in cold pavements
No cozy blankets, no slippers to warm
Their nimble feet and body so infirm

No human to love them
No compassion to hold them
Yet at the tender age they live a life
Full of challenges and strife

Hungry bellies force them to beg
Plastic bags and rags-their playmates
What is their sin then, O lord?
That their own childhood is robbed

An integral part of nation they are
Even though a mere street urchin they are
It’s a high time we cared for them
Let’s not bring humanity to shame!


The Change in Me Because Of You

Happy and surprised
A feeling restored in my mind
Never had I felt so beautiful
The way I feel tonight

The indelible glow in my face
I had never ever realized
The sheer innocence in your eyes
Changed the complete meaning of my life

The freckles that showed the woe in me
Have been shrouded by your love and generosity
The blur and smearing eyes of mine
Only saw the obscure darkness and malaise

Now your beautiful reveries have become mine
All the struggling hopes have rekindled tonight

You peered through me
Unlocked my individuality
All the recesses in my life
Now have been covered by shiny bay lights

The faded roses that had once dried out
Because of you, they have all revived
And today I’m feeling prettier
Never shall I feel uglier.


I Dream a Dream

I dream a dream
With my eyes wide open
I see the reality
With my eyes closed, in sleep even.
I dream of you.
I dream of me.
I dream the velvet sky.
And kind souls gazing at me
I dream the silver lining on the cloud.
Lightning and thunderbolt rending me apart
I dream the crescent moon
And from me, my soul depart
I dream of touching the sky
Setting apart the horizon
I know it’s a mere dream
Trying hard to make a reality.



Please shed no tears, Mommy
I cannot endure pain in your eyes
Give me strength instead, Mommy
For I have to vanquish this world

The parting is obligatory
As I am on my way in pursuit of destiny
I am leaving my soul here
But I know I have to move on

Don’t lament on my departure, Mommy
The tree also has to shed its flowers
As you will tap this frozen earth
Your love shall quiver in the thicket of my heart

Please have no worries, Daddy
I cannot bear the agony in your heart
Give me courage instead, Daddy
For I have to stand alone in the crowd

Further than the horizon I might be
But the shining star summons me
I am leaving my heart here
But it is true I must walk on

Don’t regret on my leaving Daddy
I am the flower that blossoms on earthly soil
As you will breathe the morning air
Your blessings shall dwell in the kernel of my verve.


One thought on “Poems by Sarah Shrestha

  1. An integral part of nation they are
    Even though a mere street urchin they are
    It’s a high time we cared for them
    Let’s not bring humanity to shame!

    Just wow!!!

    I feel it deep inside!!

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