The Untold Chronicle Of Love / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


The Untold Chronicle Of Love

the one reading my words at this moment
that hangs tremulous;
a pendant as gossamer in rain
before it is shed from the eyes
of a beholder

know that I am addressing you
the only You ,
entrusted with a message from the Beloved….

A revelation made in the twinkle of
a vision
intently fixed eternal
an aura exuding from the heart of a diamond forever….

Know that I called you by your name!

In a renaissance you were crying
And lost in the void
between outstretched hands
of God and of Adam
an untraversed chasm
the gulf between creator and the creation….

Masters leaving behind a battling epic of their last breaths
before it goes out in a total oblivion
lethal is the darting tongue of the flame
so close to an intimacy of
those darling lips
yet unkissed
those lost breaths smiling forever
The art of an adoration in the tortured curves of mellifluous lips so precious….

It is essential that you know
the words you are reading this moment of an unending event
I wrote them not
someone else did
made me say the first words of my confession….

Thus reads the eye
finally awakened to see itself
sealed between lips of an unsung smile
there is nothing lovable
but the Love

Beloved now move not
for my lips have fallen upon
your feet
they will be burnt to ash if uttered not
the untold chronicle of love….

All Rights Reserved 
© Santiago 2018


One thought on “The Untold Chronicle Of Love / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali –

    Your use of the Renaissance, thematically, caught my eye and impacted my heart…..

    The time when the world was waking up from what historians call the Dark Ages

    Oh, what a solemn and desperate time for humanity…..disease rampant….poverty ubiquitous….the yearnings of the human spirit stiffled by the challenges of daily living…rats lurking in every crack of crevice ….

    But time is never standing still….the rebirth started tentatively ….then slowly yet inexorably… blossomed into a re-emergence in the world….flipping humanity on its head….

    A brightening on the horizon taking artists by the hand to reconnect with their spiritual aspects ….art as expression of our deepest desire to communicate with the divine….religious painting and sculpture flourished in Italy…The Netherlands and Germany when artists awoke to a new day where exploration of myriad modes and themes was encouraged ….paint…
    marble….literature and plainsong chanting ….eventually exploding into artistic achievements that would stun the world…..

    A reawakening of our highest aspirations …..

    Isn’t this love?
    What you express in your poem?

    Takes the dormant and gently tugs at heartstrings …..
    Takes the apathetic and infuses energy….
    Takes the hopeless and infuses light….

    You understand these things…deeply….expertly
    expressing the hopefulness of love through metaphorical language which draws us into your masterful work in ways we recognize yet may find difficult to articulate…..

    We are encouraged to explore these correlatives through the magic of your lines ……enticing and inviting to the reader….who desires to step into your world….to take a chance…

    Bravo…another endeavor having the audacity to change hearts and minds …..


    Linda B. Scanlan

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