Poems by Sujata Paul

Poems by Sujata Paul
Heavenly Beauty
I met with a tiny lass
On the way of my morning walk,
So innocent and cute she was
I could not but stare at hers.
The little princess were accompanied by her mom
But she was running and flying in the street with all her freedom.
Curly hair, cute smile and her beautiful gesture
Made me instantly an ardent lover of her.
Abruptly I got envious with her
If I could transformed myself to the same period of her.
But oh God, time and tide wait for none,
Wish all the best for that little creature,
May she enjoy the earth’s all graces, fragrance and flavour,
And happiness showered upon her all through the year.
No Time to Waste
Have we ever heard that Anyone has won something great with hatred or revenge?
It is love that could win the heart of every soul
From the dacoit to any Savage.
Should spread the essence of love…
Copyright @Sujata Paul

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