FROM DEATH TO HIS WORST ENEMY – 3 / Poem by George Onsy 

Poem by George Onsy 



My name is DEATH,
So they call me,
So they fear me.
But how dare you,
Tiniest poet
Of Nile Valley,
Openly challenge
My very existence?
Don’t you see
How I spread
My net wide
So I can all that
Mortals have gathered
Into my stores hide?
And what makes me
Laugh most
Is when they’ll claim
Their things back
And I simply say:
I had all my keys lost.

And I politely reply,
Dear DEATH Sir,
I do understand
What you’re
Trying to tell
Yet, even if I had
To buy
What this world
Used to sell
I’ve come to realize
That it’s in vain
To grip and collect.
Except what’s lasting
I’ve never been
Keen to select.

George Onsy ©2018

The previous poems of this series can be found in my blog:…
This poem is with my painting: MAN’S LIFE JOURNEY – Where one will leave behind all what’s been gathered to fall into Anupis’ net (Anupis is one of the gods of death according to Ancient Egyptians and I depicted him here holding the net of destiny) – Cairo 1985.

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