Gulu Aghsas (Azerbaijan)

Gulu Aghsas (Azerbaijan)
Gulu Aghsas is one of the talented modern poets of Azerbaijan who”s born in Aghdam of the Garabagh region (currently occupied by Armenia) of the Azerbaijan Republic. He lost his father very early and when his homeland occupied by Armenian troops his family moved to Baku.
The subject matter of his poems is diverse and thought-provoking. The collection includes poetry of hope and death (Keep A Wish In Your Soul, The End Of The World, On The Leaf, A Drop On The Leaf), God love and life (You Are Everywhere), homeland love and poverty (Garabagh”s Shikasta, My Fingers Are Adroit…) and homelessness. Sometimes sad, abstract (Dots, Exclamation, Question-mark….)often bitter and expressing regret (I Don”t While Away The Days, Disabled By War…). Writing in a modern form, Gulu Aghsas has also published his own interpretations of the traditional poetic form of free verse. Gulu Aghsas”s poetic voice is rarely integrated, always standing outside of a social group or society itself, watching and remembering but sometimes becoming a part of it. “A child is a little bit like a blank slate,” Gulu says,”íf you write the right things on it, it will say the right things. But unlike a slate, a child can begin to do the writing: the child tends to write what has been written already. As to me I began to write when I was 9, but I didn”t know what was blank slate or inspiration or gift. I didn”t know what was habit- is it bad or good? But I was writing, I was reading… Reading…. Most probably Reading books made a great impression upon me and the books that I read made me to write the right things on my childish slate…”
“Rilke made on me a great impression” he says. “When I read his letter to a young poet I understood the real meaning of the writing process, mental state of a poet who was going to be known…” Rilke said: “When you understand that you must write – don”t write for a while, test yourself, and do other things. But if you see that you really can”t live without writing, return back to writing…”
Gulu Aghsas tested himself as Rilke said and began to write…
But he writes when he wants to write…He came to poetry from journalistics. But he came to journalistics not because of fame or something else, he says, “I devoted myself to journalistics only because of not earning money by fiction and literary word…Never!”’
This collection of verse allows English readers to experience the range and overwhelming power of Gulu Aghsas’s poetry for the first time.
The book contains 21 poems. The translator aimed at selecting those poems which are generally considered to be good and presenting special interest, either because they are typical of a peculiar time or new literary lines, or they appear to have exercised an influence.
For any criticism and suggestions that would tend to improve the book the translator will be very thankful, and hopes sincerely that those who use it will judge it favourably.
Dr. Kamran Nazirli,
Member of the Azerbaijan Writers” Union
There Is Much Love…
There is much love…
and so much grief,
But what is missed then?
If God hurls stones-
It hits,
but fear is missing again…
I am your devil child, God!
Give me a dead body-
I return him back to You alive,
Send me something empty-
I fill it
and send you back to the sky.
And I still live my life better
than a daily bread that You gave…
I want to fall to Your feet-
to hoist You upper than Yourself…
Keep A Wish In Your Soul
Keep a wish in your soul,
And part it into two.
A faithless is a godless?
Come to the same place.
Keep a wish in your soul,
Let you be very busy.
My soul dripping tears-
was its roof riddled?
Keep thousands dreams in your soul,
Let your wishes come into true.
I would go away to the Death,
Stay and live! My dear beloved!
-Can you bear such a parting?
-I will seek for a word here…
-Have you waited for me again?
-I will wait for you There…
(Succession of the “Punctuation (sense of)
I am all day spoken of a name-
dots, dots, dots and dots…
Better hangman than God-
dots, dots, dots and dots…
It is a medicine for my pain-
dots, dots, dots and dots…
Shedding by wind as leaves-
Dots, dots, dots and dots…
Wrapped by a sky-question –
dots, dots, dots and dots…
Pen and sheet they are-
dots, dots, dots and dots.
They are God in the sky and
they are dots in the Land…

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