Poems by Swapna Behera

Poems by Swapna Behera
Fantasies are bullets
Or bulletins of enigmatic draft
Fantasies flare ,flap, flatter
With flavour grandeur
Fantasies put one on the throne
Or finish the fire line on the ocean
Fantasies are coins in empty wallets
Tinkling with benign audacity
Fantasies are red roses in the desert
Stoic silence in the traffic square
Fantasies fly ,try ,buy and fly
A fiction of fifty fifty – –
The Bird’s Flying Zone
Oh! Yes certainly you can demarcate
A zone for your house,
for your factory, garden ;
for your gulf club or swimming pool;
Or even for your graveyard
Can’t the bird have a flying zone!
Can you ever fly in the sky ?
Only imagine, infatuate or dream about the sky
Or in more impulsive way
Can be carried by a rocket or in a balloon
You can experiment the soil of moon or air of Jupiter
But sure you can never fly
you are a restricted version
in your conscious or subconscious
The bird flies and sits on the trees or stumps
May be on your graveyard or on temples and churches
The bird doesn’t need domicile certificate
For everything you need a document
Your zone is your self- made cage
And lo! The bird stoops high or low
From Siberia to your place
Flickering its wings
To say you Hallo…..
From a sovereign zone to your so called trap !!!

3 thoughts on “Poems by Swapna Behera

  1. Swapna Behera is a beautiful heart having appropriate choice of words from the jargon to express her simple thoughts.
    I always enjoy reading her ink and she always makes me happy to make me clarified on my query.
    She is an icon of Odisha
    Regards…. God bless such nice souls.

  2. Swapna means dream. Both dream and fantasy are neuronal in origin. Her poetic description of fantasy
    Motivated me to pen few thoughts that became turbulent within me.
    ” Fantasies are phantom or fancy
    Woven as fabric at one’s mental plane
    A fiction of fifty fifty
    Or a friction causing abrasion over the fatty layers of neurons
    Fantasies make life fantastic
    An imagery of light and delight
    Or makes a fraction of future fraudulent or fabulous
    Visit of fantasy in all is factual
    A neuronal delicacy in solitude
    Or a storm, stampede
    In forlornness .”

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