Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



From a distance the moon blessing earth silently
In the darkness of the sky, moon gleams warmly 
It lights up and beautify the universe at night
Reflection of simmering water in the ocean so bright

Her presence enlightens the whole being with serenity
Heart and soul in splendid solitary
Mind wandering with the twinkling stars
Breezes blowing in tunes of melody from afar

Her smiley face carries messages of love
Joy and happiness set your heart aglow
Love is the light that illuminates your life
Guide us in dark moment of life’s strife

Lovers romancing in colours of the night
Under the moonlit night in magnificent sight
Embracing warmly, hearts dance in delight
Fragrance of love blooms, souls entwined

Be the light that shines with confidence
A burning candle lights up to bring wisdom
Let the light of optimism gleam like moonlight
Stars sparkling and glittering in glory of the light.

Copyright @Lilian Woo 



No matter sunset or sunrise
You are my light that shines
Colourful rainbow in the sky
Affection glows in your eyes

You’ve filled the void in my life
Moments together so sublime
In whisper of the wind we fly
Soaring high, tears of joy we cry.

Copyright @Lilian Woo 



Heart fills with purity
Overflow with humanity 
Embrace humility
Mind opens with clarity

Soul engulfs empathy
Life is a challenging journey
Act with sincerity
Dwell in honesty

Relish tranquillity
Peace and harmony
Create your destiny
Blessings with eternal divinity.

Copyright @Lilian Woo


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