Night Verses / Poem by Hilal Karahan

Poem by Hilal Karahan
Night Verses
You were the voice, one evening, I suddenly saw the voice
As if you have burnt an old sky
with which you rubbed my face
Handmade birds, trees as a gift
you have laid down on my childhood:
Does the earth caress
the seeds’ heels,
if it didn’t smell
a branch of silverberry?
If she doesn’t miss the amber,
does flower like the wind’s hands,
caressing her hair?
When rests on the shoulder of vines,
a heavy evening
will fall into shadows.
You were the voice, I touched on face of a noisy night
This deep buzzing, my heart,
supposed your voice to be ember
Without tenderly, not so absolutely
you have tied and choked my heart
with your veins
Afterwards like a loaned book,
quietly and shy of being late
you put it to the place
where you have borrowed
It was my heart
running behind your steps
all night
You were the voice, the trace is a plural love
Loving you was to love a lifetime
In your mouth,I kissed
all the corpses you have dragged
You caressed my fluttering blood
with your hands remained on other women
Escaping was your ordinary behavior
like drinking water,
lighting a cigarette
To get used to your love,
was a defeat to the pain
that will slice my heart;
when you go.
Suffering was the safest feeling
I took shelter in
during your absence
You were the voice, rickety is the mystery that curves inward
You were hailing from a well
Clarity you supposed
the only light you saw
But no, you did not go crazy
We have never existed
I created you
by my incomplete flesh
The schizophrenic loves
You were the voice, the night has started with your voice
I completed with you
whatever was half in myself
I hang up more to your space
as you stepped back
The remote ports I have offered
always to you
whatever I missed
was defined with you
I pleaded, I took the oath of allegiance
I bowed before you
For years, I had two souls in my body:
need your existence,
fury for your absence.
You descend slowly down the stairs of the night
When passed the times of fire
when stung each other the clock hands
If the words turn into a cinder with each breath
what can untie the knot of ember from mouth
Shut up !!
Whatever you say will hurt me,
this hollow mirror will fall through your palms.
Thinking about suffering
is more frightening
than pain itself;
Quieten my heart
with your lips,
if you really want it to be silent !!
You were the voice, you traversed the night
Every love is a mistake once it is over…

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