Poems by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poems by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



I am a genus weird bird, swan
my name itself sounds as to sing.
A rare poetical bird
with wisdom and supreme spirit.

I sing melodiously for all
but I have no chance to sing
to the tunes of anyone.

I have been here on this globe
dating thousands of years back
but birds of my kind are endangered
and to extinct now.

My great wings span longer
with rather bigger plumages.
My indifferent beak with serrated edges
could drink only the milk alone
from a mixture of milk and water.

An aquatic bird of passage,
I’m always in water but
never allow my feathers to wet,
as I detach from worldly things.

I a symbol of love,
light, fidelity, and intelligence.
Having high prudence
between good and bad
eternal and transient,
I’m a hallmark of purity par excellence.

I akin pearls, if offered
I have the ability to devour.

As I’m a symbol of love
paramours prefer me
as the messenger to their sweetheart
to convey the emotions.

Unique I’m, unlike others,
I mate with my pair
of my own choice
until my last breath
and be a potent cob with my pen.



I am born unique,
the most intelligent of all others,
and the ability to imitate what you spell and tell.
Not only to mimic but also to talk few sentences
and skilled in solving puzzles.

People try to trap and exploit me
for this peculiar special feature
and bright colour and allure.
Evolved over millions of years
I survive beyond all
these challenges and ordeals.

My head and cerebral cortex is large,
eyes positioned high in skull
so my vision goes all-around,
making it the bird’s eye view,
to the desired direction of my outlook.

I can see from just below my bill tip,
all above my head and below,
and quite far behind me
without turning my head.
I too have quite a wide vision,
although things are nowhere near,
as large as primate binocular visual fields.

I have been featured in
scriptures, stories, verses,
arts, religion, music, humors and rumors.
People say I am praiseworthy
for my popularity, longevity, intelligence
and as I ensure tame and trust.

Unlike others of my kind
I am charismatic and high-prolific
conservation of trees, garden and forest
enhance the population of my kind.
I love the nature
and natural environment
around the globe ensuring the ecosystem.


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