Poems by Aabha Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Vatsa



Once I used to read the forecast
As I wanted to know if misery had passed
I serenaded every whim of life
And wondered at life’s capacity of strife
I floundered and fell many a times
And many times the bells did not chime
The air was full of pregnant suspense
Life became angry and a trifle tense
I kept dodging every storm in sight
Day turned to evening, and evening to night
Yet the storms continued to brew
And I too surely and unfailingly grew
By now the going had become rough
It was becoming difficult to remain tough
Life seemed to dissolve into a mess
What was the intention, was anyone’s guess
Finally the breakthrough came at dawn
The sky cleared visibly and the dark clouds had gone
I can finally fathom the sense of life
Suspense no more, life is no longer a strife.

Copyright Aabha Vatsa



The secret rendezvous was a miss and blink
I still recall your mischievous wink
The bear hug was an envelope of bristling warmth
Swayed my heart with tiny storms

I remember your bold and liquid eyes
They immediately sent my pulses high
O, the look of mesmerizing love on your face
I tried hard to keep up with that pace

It has been so long since we met
The memories weave a silken net
I often rummage the chambers of my heart
How I wish, we never had to depart

I long for those carefree moments of love
When all that mattered was our sizzling love
In my heart I know we shall meet again
Even if this long wait, is a trifle of a strain

Copyright Aabha Vatsa

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