Poems by Gigi Mejri (Chedlia)

Gigi Mejri (Chedlia)
Gigi Mejri (Chedlia) ,a Tunisian teacher of English ,interested in Reading and Poetry writing .She believes in the power of the word .Her motto is “I am not a writer ,Iam not a poetess . Isimply want to set my thoughts free out of courtesy”
Memories are twofold
When memories call for a meeting
And queue up in the mind
Countless roads and streets
Diverge in the brain entrance
Astonished ,I give an overall look
To have an eagle view and see
My brain town a cosmopolitan city
Some are friendly ,
I greet them with a warm smile
Others painfully painful ,
I send them a bitter sigh
And I travel hundreds of miles away
To recall the times when I felt low and high
With tears of regret some are showered
With a loving scent of Nostalgia ,others are sprayed
I stand in between savouring extreme happiness
And comforting the self at the memory of the bleeding ones!
Gigi Mejri @copyright August 18th 2018
How Lovely!
Love has a magical power
It lifts you up
Makes of you the teacher,the preacher
And the architect
With love you design towns with houses full of light
Streets named after tolerance,joy and balance
With love ,you are not the shadow
You are the beam, the sparkle and the non-ego
You are the pain killer ,the hope restorer
And the story teller
With Love you feed, you lead
You sow that optimistic seed
For Love lays itself as a bridge over oceans
To keep people in motion
If only Love finds its way through each heart
Then Peace will reign
No more suffering ,no more pain
For Love is that precious chain
That unites people to become humane !
Gigi Mejri @copyright 2018
Beauty is you
Look around you and yourself beautify
Meadows below ,the sky there so high
Birds singing sweetly ,roses blooming lovingly
Clouds boarding the wind , to their destination speeding
Streams carrying water ,flowing ,following its destiny
The pure air ,the gentle breeze waving to you happily
The perfume out of the many scents is for you only
The full moon ,the shooting stars and the sun
All -for you – has been done
Be beautiful to see everything beautiful
For BEAUTY comes from within
Gigi Mejri @copyright August 26th 2018
Countless the love stories I have read
Countless the hot tears I have shed
Over those lovers who were separated
Without being wed !
I believed Love could only exist in books ,
Could manifest itself only in dreams
I thought Love leaves scars and pain
Yet real Love dwells on Earth, here in brooks & streams
It is sowed on this very ground
Then grows ,blooms and raises its sound
To let beauty reign,rekindle emotions and spray its seeds
To ornament our life with colourful beads
It is the legitimate earth dweller from the time of Adam &Eve !
Don’t look for it elsewhere, it’s here at your reach
In plains ,valleys ,in forests , in the sea and on the beach
Just look around you and drink from its well as all creatures do
Gigi Mejri @copyright August 23rd 2018

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