Tribute Message about Pentasi B Global Humanitarian Mission and Vision
Being thrust and have grown into community services, I am well aware of so many humanitarian problems in our world thus paved the way for me to be more compassionate and caring.

Meeting the Father of and Founder of PENTASI B Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim ,I was touched by his passion as a poet. But my heart was caught unaware, captured by the Pentasi B Global Humanitarian Mission and Vision.

I thought composing, writing poems will just remain one of my hobby when I do not want to get bored or when I feel I need to write down my thoughts. As I have not wished to publish anything of my poems.

My life face another big challenge upon meeting Doc Penpen. I felt awed by his passion, its vision and mission that is to inspire the world, to promote peace, global healing, build friendship through poetry. His words, his personal messages for me opened up my heart to be an ambassador of World Peace, to make Poetry that touch humanity and Global Healing.

It is well known to the more than 10k members of Pentasi B and to all who are made aware of the existence of it, that Pentasi B family is a FAMILY”. A BIG, BIG Worldwide Family of Poets and Poetess… and I am humbled to be a member of this family. But I am gas up too, embracing its Global Humanitarian Mission and Vision.

It dawned on me, I can do more, I can reach more if I actively participate with the Pentasi B’s endeavors and advocacies.

I have known that “PEN” is mightier than the sword”, for the one who spoke of it is my favorite National Hero of my country, Dr. Jose Rizal. Pentasi B does not ask money to feed the poorest of the poor, to seek funds to build schools to cater to the children living in remote places. They also do not call for fund raising to fight for inhumane activities. But Pentasi B uses a “SWORD”, mightier than any riffles, guns and bombs. Its’ PEN.

When Pentasi B members start posting, reading, reciting, publishing poems, it is like a bomb, it is like a 2 edged sword that cuts through man’s heart, piercing the minds and soul in every poetic, deliberate or un-deliberately being uttered or written, it is liberating, touching, capable of making tears to fall, capable of putting a smile on a unsmiling tight lips or a hearty laugh on a closed twisted mouth, capable to turn a stonehearted man to also start writing down his thoughts and turned into a poem. Capable to make a child scribble their thoughts in a childish words but full of enthusiasm and childlike faith.

Pentasi B enabled men and women, ordinary or high calibres to create and touch lives through poetry.

Pentasi B inspire the world, inspire humanity to act responsibly, compassionately to the rising population of humanitarian problems, crisis human face each and every minute of the day.


Pentasi B Global is doing the impossibles. PENTASI B GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN will help our less fortunate brethren to hold their heads high instead of teaching them to keep their heads low.

Tribute Message By:
Eden Soriano Trinidad



Her name is EDEN (meaning paradise). Eden Pagdanganan Soriano Trinidad was born in San Agustin Iba, Zambales, Philippines. When she was a little girl she spent her time listening to her musical Nursery book of rhymes instead of merely playing dolls.

She loves music and loves collecting and reading different books. She writes any subject matters that caught her heart but have not planned to publish her own book. Yes, she writes from her heart like her first favorite poet and author Helen Steiner Rice whose book of Poems of Faith and Poems of Love have inspired her to write too. She kept scribbling thoughts, ideas, in any paper within her reached when thoughts strike her even on table napkins, paper bags and on her gadgets. Writing poems is just to unload what is in her heart and mind. Without really revealing what she really meant sometimes.

She became so much inspired to write more upon meeting the father of Pentasi B and father of Visual Poetry Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim that even in her too busy schedule as School Director she still gives time to write poems to inspire too the young generation. She continue writing poems to help promote among people of all nations peace, love, unity, building bridges of friendship, for global healing, harmony and understanding to inspire humanity through poetry. This is the heart, the Vision and Mission of Worldwide Poetry group Pentasi B which she is a member.

She is one of the main author of the book “PLETHORA OF POETRY, a book of Poetry by the Zambaleno Poets.

She writes and composes poems in English and Filipino languages, and Sambal dialect.

Eden loves to recite poem at a very young age. She has been reciting and delivering poems since she was 4 years old. During her Elementary to College years, she often represent her school for Oratorical, Declamation contests and programs. She was also a Mimist and did several monologues. Her talent was undeniably apparent that her Drama class teacher and the President of Harris Memorial College in UN Avenue Manila Dr. Zenaida Lumba and her Professor Dr. Bunyi chose her to be the led star in two (2) Musical Dramas, performed in their college auditorium. She was the Mimist in “Light Shine”, and the led star in “Jonah’s Tale of A Whale”.

A Bachelor of Kindergarten Education at Harris Memorial College in United Nations Avenue, Manila, Philippines and a License Professional Teacher (LPT).

Pioneered and established LUCIO ABRIGO MEMORIAL LEARNING CENTER, INC (LAMLC) in July 4, 1991 from Pre Elementary to Intermediate level. Now, with complete Junior High School Level.

She is the Pioneer teacher, School Principal, Incorporator and Vice President of the Board of Trustees and presently the School Director of LAMLC in San Agustin Iba, Zambales, Philippines.

A leader by nature and dedicated educator, teacher, children and young people are particularly close to her heart. She wants to give more time and contribute in spreading and inspiring the young generations through poetry. To inculcate in their young minds that in poetry they can express their feelings and avoid a lot of bad vices.
To get them addicted, fall in love in poetry writing, composing, thinking, creating using their gadgets. Not just play games or taking selfie and stalk their friends in social media.
Awards Received:
July 31, 2018 – bestowed upon her a Medallion and Plaque of Recognition as PENTASI B World Featured Poet 2018 by the father of Visual Poetry Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim and Founder of Pentasi B.
July 27, 2018 – Three (3) of her compositions is being chosen to be part of the International Anthology, LOVE: MY RELIGION. Book Launch will be done in Indian Poetic Confluence, Hyderabad on 30th September, 2018
June 19, 2018 – awarded Plaque of Appreciation by the “Bards from the Far East” Author Carolyn Abangan.
March 26, 2007- awarded Plaque of Appreciation from the Board of Trustees of LAMLC for her vision in bringing quality education and for putting up and sustaining the school vision and mission.
April 29, 2006 – recipient of GOLDEN DOVE EXCELLENCE AWARD as Outstanding School Principal. Plaque was awarded by International Journal Express weekly Newspaper at Grand, Boulevard Hotel, Sunset Hall, Roxas Blvd. Manila.
April 1985 – Outstanding Field Work Student of Harris Memorial College, Manila U.N. Avenue
June 1986-December 2003- KBP member and License Radio Programmer/Producer /Announcer in a Christian Radio Station, Far East Broadcasting Company, Radio DWRF in Iba, Zambales. Hosted programs for family, women and children.
1986-2003- Full Time Deaconess of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines

Founder of:
2018 – LAMLC Poetry KIDS Family where the objective is to teach and train their pupils and students to learn how to compose poems to promote peace, unity, global healing and be an inspiration for World Peace through Poetry.
2012 – Bandurr and 2016 Zambales Young Orchestra where she and her husband train young children musical instruments for free for the children to be able to perform in different events and activities promoting music and culture of the Philippines

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Committee on Promotion Zambales 3 District, Zambales, Philippines
S4K Leader (Samahan ng Mga Kababaihan para sa Kabuhayan, Kalusugan at Kaunlaran), Iba and Palauig, Zambales, Philippines Chapter
2013 – a member of the Las Damas de Rizal (Ladies of Rizal) in Prague Czech Republic

N.B.: The Poetographic design & or transvisualization are made by pbt exclusively for our PBWFP Featured Poet;The author reserved all his/her rights over the poem.
The biography has been edited and reformatted by pbt for exclusive use in PENTASI B WORLD Friendship Poetry Exhibitions.

Biographies are subject to continuous editing and updating. Feel free to make suggestions to improve our group site.

PENTASI B EMAIL: penpentakipsilim@gmail.com



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