Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Be soft, sweet, humble till die
Let’s make strong feathers to fly
High in this silver sky 
O!God thank to thee
For happy and glee

Be good human ,
Let’s smile
O!My love let’s fly high
Be unique free from strees
Free from ego till die

I’m in love to my Lord
Blessed me patience
Peace want to live ,never die
To see sufferings of poor
My heart cry ! Cry !Cry

Be the reason for them
To fly high in the sky
Be peace makers
Be happy , let’s smile.



Earth teaches lesson of love and sacrifice

Bear burdon of all ,never cry ,hold always in her lap

Happy to provide everything what she has

Let’s save her from the toxic pain

We borrowed it from our forefathers for our generation

Let’s believe in family planning

Let’s serve for her fisheries, forest grassland and cropland

Now she is as like as a patient ,care her ,love her for her love

O! Man learn it we are only trustee not the master of her

I pray to all save this living organism

Let’s consider environmental complexities

She opens her heart for all love

Why we are so selfish ? Why we are making her a patient ?

O! God give all of us wisdom to respect her.



A battlefield was prepared
For weak and strong
Secret mission secret vision 
Warriors had spear on horse
Meek rat was selected for throne

May call him a rat or an honorable
A dangerous game of killing an innocent
Manager a drunker puppet of
A hermit’s hand who ambitiously
Wanted throne for that scoundrel lady

Innocent was killed with his father
Administration had paralyzed
Puppet of rich and strong
Tears rolled on the lovely cheeks
Of the real son of God

An eagle was watching with his clever eyes waiting for their ruins
Now from four corners scoundrel lady
Was in honey trap
Miserable as like as a student of prep

Innocent saw weary face of that rich
Who had with him a Gorgon or a witch
It is the good time for innocent
who has increadable talent.


Is the poet for sale?

There is a sale and purchase game
Some are sold by pieces of paper
Few are purchased with gold
Everywhere is a rat race

A smart cat is ready to attack
Some thoughts are for the pile of dust
Publishers cry for care
Poet cries for his share

Customers are baffled
Readers lost in agitation
Poets, novelists waiting for brilliant
Publishers say the market is tight

Its intelligence price is not high
Cat is a cat but would love to fly
Oh! , God how they are exploited
Poor Comrade How much pain

To everything but has nothing
Full of pain there is little gain
Full of zeal, praying for all heal
I found him kneeling.

Pathetic conditions want love
Maybe a lion or a beautiful dove
Life is full of struggle
Sweet sweet and humble

Copyright reserved
Ashok Kumar

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