Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal


Dark clouds obscuring and breeze whispering and crisscrossing from the wrist..
I hear some names…

Which wake my veins…
I lost them in the race of life..
They were expecting more goals and desires very high…
I was constantly standing on the same street…
Which made me jovial and unexpecting from life..
No clutch to hope..
No anchor to save from tide..
I enjoyed the every visual..
What they run for what is life..
I transmute all my attentions…
Walking calmly..
Leaving yourself as a water…
Which makes exhibits its path with winds..
Moving with the flows and swirled around..
Listening every accord of sight..
Leaving behind all the warmths of life…
Leaving the legacy of I in me is only life..!!


Echo of silence is more noisy than the sound…

It floats through ears and vibrate in hearts..
Words makr heart jovial..
Silence is more adorable and heard by soul..
I love each soul..
Which reflects purely with no adulterations..
Radiance through eyes
Whispers can be heard from ears..
Can also with heart to heart detachments..
Unless we do not cross
We can not measure the depth of tranquility of life..
Promise can be kept without letting know to your own heart…
Holding on to one thing is your own desire..
Moving with gracefully for the self illumination or may be for illustrating others goal..
Grace is in what we hold from first breath to last..
Without extinguishing and ignitising every now and than..
Calmness and stability resplendence overshadow with the golden rays of transformation from the sponteneous infinite and finite snoring and mourns..!!



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