Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar



Yet we ever meet in a moment of new year,
albeit, in another day by freshness of heaven!
who knows we had met in some other day
as somewhere beneath heaven’s gate .
may be just by side of garden of Eden.

nothing is yet known to decipher the code
of lost images buried as of now no more
may be in hide of mirror shamble to shy
beneath wee hours of Autumn’s flow,
whispering mellow breath of mists to bough.

vesper of wind resurrects the green
from abyss of depth less chasm to plumb
blaze of iridescence beaded in kiss of rainbow
as light of loves graces to adore sneaking into soul.

history repeats story of blue moon to sigh
by the events in shore of nowhere to come
for reason to reason out by secret promise
for stark truth to redefine deferred pledge of soul.



Within wholeness of perfection,
nothing seems complete!
as one cycle begins another ends
unending ,eternal ,cosmically ever flowing.

I am the incomplete perfection
to prolong into the mortal embodiment
transient, fragile dabbling ashes to fly
of being, implicit yet unified to unity
for god to see deep within nerve of own reason.

abundance of earth every where!
in all completeness to simulate quantum
of infinite creation in continuum,
like bough of cosmos to verge in contour of heaven
where we stand nowhere
by totality of imperfection to incomplete
in the midst spuming vastness of Bourne.

the curve of creation is too hued of ethereal
dimension to unaccounted for
as nuance of words as voiceless
currency to count by abacus of no credit.

Yet into transcendence of consciousness
quantum leap flares to glow like vision of light
time engrosses to act on uncertainty
by complete perfection to continue ,
as dynamics of imperfection to epilogue
as time is still timeless within the space
less space of infinite essence of almighty.



Let me take rebirth again
to meet you tomorrow
then and there beneath old oak
beyond vector of impulsion

I know nothing to smack
curve of meaning un deciphered
to unlearn code of carve in geometry
for crave to cuddle by mystery
by lines of forces with no flux
as magnetic resonance
pulses through arrays to arrow

intimacy engrosses to coalesce
into sweet home of spring
in adherence of longing moon
larger than life to prolong
unto rhythm infinite to harvest
as ontogeny of creation to abide history.

flow of currency croons
to cradle bough of dream
for heart to levitate into pull of joy
as kisses of love unveils potent vale of secrecy
to roll on like bud to blossom

uncanny clock tickle unto of no end
next to eternity in quest of perfection
sailing through blind imperfection
as light of no vision to blur
on illusive rune of microcosm.

@dr.subhendu kar.

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