Dr. Hemanga Dutta (India)

Dr. Hemanga Dutta (India)
Dr Hemanga Dutta, a PhD in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a Post Doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) US, teaches currently at The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, India. He has published extensively on Phonological theories, Loan word phonology, Phonetics phonology interface, Language and Gender and Language attitude. He has four international books and more than thirty research papers to his credit. He is bestowed with Fulbright fellowship, UGC Raman Fellowship, Venus International young faculty award in language studies by Venus International Foundation, S.M. Katre award, National merit scholarship, Utrecht University short term fellowship to mention a few. He was born on 17th November, 1981 in Assam, the north eastern part of India which is known as the land of Red River and blue hills. His poetry mostly talks about spirituality, decaying human values, philosophy of life and love for nature.
A Self Portrait
A little habitat to preserve my self
Cocooned in a world of oblivion
Far away from the fare of unlimited wants
Where ego meets with the battle of wants.
What is your last resolution?
Asked Time in introspection;
Don’t you have the appetite for green marbles and black diamond?
Eternal bliss has not yet bothered you- what a pity!
Let mortal aspirations adorn you
To be eligible for the race of rats.
Many skies have fallen on me
I don’t care; still the sky seems to be blue.
A mortal endowed with immortal yearnings
Jot down a few lines on the canvas of eternity,
A desire to wrap the dewy ground with a cover of vitality.
Appreciate Nature’s bounty and glorify the kingdom of the creator
Where ego conglomerates with infinity.
A Voyage…
Memories when I recollect
Both sweet and harsh,
Bygone days and fleeting aura of sensibility
Visit my mind in a blink of an eye ;
The unseen days where
Future aspires to construct a castle of dreams,
Hopes, desires and luxuries
Draw a portrait of possibilities
In a fraction of seconds.
How long this voyage might appear
There is certainly a destination,
Some seek solace and some hatred
To arrive at that goal;
Whether we want illusions or philosophy
To claim the journey meaningful,
It’s one’s individual choice.
There’s an end to every happy moment
And to every moment of pain,
Eternal cycle will continue till infinity
Beyond an individual stop.
A Letter to God
I believe you are still there
In the murmuring of the streams;
Noises of the crickets,
Lush greenery of the hillocks.
My heart aches when I hear
The rending shrieks to awaken
The seeds of humanity in some
Dead corpse of your creation.
Streams still murmur but in pain
Crickets still make noise but in lesser volume;
They are still terrified by the drama of violence of humans.
Lush greenery of the hillocks is red today
As the ceremony of innocence is drowned.
In this jungle of concrete
We love playing the game of hatred and intolerance;
Humanity we have buried in the backyard of our minds long back;
Just politicise, communalise, spread hatred and distort the unity.
Alas! You are still a mute spectator to this melodrama of pain.
Road to Happiness
Tears are genuine
That emanate from the unfathomable caves of purity
Innocence marks the bliss;
Ephemeral oblivion of the self
Let me free myself from the clutches of egotism.
Today I soar high as my curiosity is not crippled by conventions;
Mysterious Web of the cosmos I will unseal.
Just my simple queries
No one can answer with complex lexicon;
My angelic smiles you can’t reciprocate with your polluted psyche.
My basic rights to be happy
You can’t snatch with your power of pelf.
Let me come close to you
Feel the sharp gaze and the inquisitive vision
The world is so enchanting and ethereal you have never realized ;
Please cheer up for the green grass and the blue mountains
The strems that murmur in happiness everyday and the chirping birds which sing
In a mellifluous tune to convey the saga of serenity
The budding twigs that bring forth the message of novelty
Lies my key to happiness
As I am not bound by the shackles of hatred and arrogance
But by love and empathy.

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