Beatriçe Balliçi (Albania)

Beatriçe Balliçi (Albania)


Beatriçe Balliçi was born in Elbasan in the 15th of May, 1950. She graduated from the University of Tirana in Albanian Language and Literature, in 1972, and went on to become a teacher in the field.
She is the author of many poetry volumes such as: “Kush m’i fali manushaqet” (Who Brought the Violets?”, “Harpa” (The Harp), “Ajo melodi e ne te dyve” (That Melody of Us), ect. She has also published many literary criticism articles and essays regarding different authors and literary works.
Her wide body of work also includes translations from renowend authors such as Thomas Mann as well as contemporary writers such as Anna Gavalda. She has been awarded many national and internaticional prizes. Her poems are part of many poetry collections published not only in Albania, but also abroad.


The Harp

When a young maiden I was
Each time I combed my hair
A harp tuned somewhere.

But when the first gray hair
Gently I touched with my finger
The harp tune vanished away.


To my man

To my man
I will bestow
All the contents of the April skies
Which glitter before the sunrise!

Many days and nights are gone
And how many times in a single day
I’ve cherished for his name
And shed tears for an unfulfilled desire?
None is aware, neither the sky
Nor the tiny blade of grass!
My body has shivered during the nights
And nobody is aware of that!
Neither my room walls could witness
Your existence or nothingness
Besides my eyes.
Good night my man
I’m gonna sleep
Letting the fire burn in the fireplace
I hug you
Embraced by the pure arms of nights and days.

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