Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Time mine be taming me,
Till heathern life’s resume;
Tend towards Lords frame;
Titillate all, its own scheme!

Troubles get back to dungeon,
Tracking informational trials on;
Troubleshooting chaotic further on;
Trending searches all hope further on;

Tidings each one come as calibration,
Tight lipped, love for contemplation;
Tidily put for acute computation;
Tide over all rigor in regulation!

Tenure terminate in flexitime,
Tenor tense turn lonesome;
Tenuous stick to termtime;
Tenacious souls’ outcome!


How would we move along;
Heathen lives come along;
Here’s none born out strong;
Have ever breath all prolong!

Hearts desires to live long;
Hitherto none found klong;
Hydrates to get ever so long;
Hustle always as billabong!

Humbug creed remain long;
Humiliating lives ever pong;
Hush up unrest all dingdong;
Hurtful humdrum singalong!



Law abiding citizen,
Law abiding officers,
Legally getting tarnished;
Let it be a lady officer of value?!

Society be targeted,
Seems an automatically,
Suitable time development;
Severally liable to be as nepotistic!?

Democracy thwarted,
During ambitious times,
Delving in hearts of masses;
Deviating themselves from offers!?

Just being all wanted,
Justly hustled ever more,
Judicial activism keeping away;
Jostling democracy, as a mockery!?

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