Lek Pervizi (Albania)

Lek Pervizi (Albania)
Lek Pervizi, born in Albania in 1929, studied in Italy and Rome until 1944. Back in his country, he falls under the communist dictatorship. Painter, poet and writer, forbidden to any free expression, He undergoes persecutions, prisons and camps of deportation during 45 years with all his family
Won freedom in Belgium, in 1990, he can devote himself to his intellectual activities. He published his poems conceived as prisoners, and his drawings of deportation camps, which earned him the fame of painter of the death camps. As a poet, he publishes his poems in French, Italian and Albanian, and it remains only to publish them in English. For 25 years he publishes the Albanian magazine, Kuq e Zi (Red and Black). In the meantime he writes and publishes his memoirs as well as other subject books, biographical and historical. He translates from vernacular Italian the oldest book (1480) written on Scanderbeg, national hero. In a poetry contest, in Naxos, Sicily, he received the special prize of best foreign poet. Other poems have been published in Italian and Albanian anthologies. He joined the age of 90, still active as a painter, poet, writer and publicist.
Ballad of the white rose
I caught a beautiful white rose
at dawn of a day without light
the sun was hidden behind the clouds
the sun no longer had heat
he no longer had any strength
he no longer gave life
he no longer shone on the earth
how could the white rose bloom?
I put it in a crystal vase
in my lonely room
where sun was love
where light was the affection
where warmth was the tenderness
I saw the rose bloom
in its shining splendor
I saw her then wither
the white petals fell
one after the other
winter was beating at the window
the soul went out
wrapped in the dark night
of sidereal spaces
where they were not there
white roses to be picked.
The trees scream
under the impetuous breath of the wind
the sleepy sun
he rises nonchalantly
looking for new adventures
the ships leave
on the undulating sea
looking for distant lands
I feel locked up
in the bitterness of the day
in the nostalgia of the forgotten songs
although the songs change
it does not change my sadness
the love
like a sailboat
part on the waves of the sea
and it is not known
if he ever returns
my pain seems to fall
it is covered in green
he clings to hope again
my beautiful nymph
it caresses me
I feel the sweetness of his lips
I feel the fragrance of her breast
I hear the steps of the angels dancing
to the rhythm of our hearts
they move silently around
in their white clothes
they look at us smiling
full of love
Nymph of dreams
They rise from the sea waters
fluffy nugles
that cover the sky
from the sea of my past
the clouds of memories arise
that cover my life
the nymph of my thoughts
the faithful and beautiful girl
the splendor of his youth
the sweetness of his smile
the loving look
of his eyes
it always caresses me
with its beauty
and give to my being
the meaning of existence
and give to my soul
the sense of immense love.Rainy day
I believe
Roaming clouds
in the wake of the winds
lost thoughts
in the wake of memories
that never again
never again
We will relive
great fog
big empty
infinite space
and being mine that tends
beyond every barrier
of life
of death
and being mine looking for
beyond every reason
grain of sand
of eternal life
of eternal movement
I find myself
in sublime intuition
I believe !
Night rain
It’s night
the rain falls silent
on plants
on the flowers
the scent of the sky
it comes down to earth
the fruitfulness of life
at the dawn of the day
under the vivifying rays
Of sun
in the night peace
a sigh of youth
rises from my soul
memories of the past
I smell the scent of the fields
the echo of beloved voices
far in time
the blood flows in the veins
like the waters
in the bosom of the earth
of night rain.
The journey was too long
my little presence
my life
too short
one moment
a simple feeling
the color of the aurorae
always variable
the color of the sunsets
always inflamed
the sea waves
always roaring
who crash on the rocks
to invade the earth
of the great
universal deluge
sand swirls
they devastate the earth
they take away
every expression of nature
of life
silence reigns
the waters calm down
the earth takes its breath
by now
of evils
of human degeneration
reborn to itself
the journey of life
it was too long
my presence
too short
just a moment
a simple feeling
or bad
a simple feeling

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