Mattie Goedegebuur (Netherland)

Mattie Goedegebuur (Netherland)
Mattie Goedegebuur is teacher/educator, Spakenburg, the Netherlands. She was born in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Her inspiration is often found in the various emotions people experience. Mattie often recites her work in the Netherlands and in Australia. Her work is published in five poetry books (a sixth is expected to be published in 2019) and Mattie’s poetry is widely published in magazines and anthologies. Three of her short stories have been published in collection books (two other stories will be published in 2019)
A Summer Day
wet drops nourish the soggy land
which fuzzily resists to the sun
they cause a soft frame
for my sleepy face
red wisps above the horizon
indicate early surrender
of morning mist in sunshine
like my silky hair
the delicate morning sun shines
on translucent young green
colorful and cheerful vulnerable
like your young doe
the languid afternoonsun smells
like satisfaction and arranges
wild purple chicory and hay
as a soft boar nest
the sinking red evening glow
looks back pleased to a summer day
filled with sunshine and love
heartfelt warmth between you and me.
the sky is equal to humanity
we both consist of 70% of water
like all people in the world
I look to the sky, it feels safe
like gazing into deep blue eyes
sometimes it pours on me
it weeps on my shoulders
so while I look at its clouds
let me embrace the sky
so heavenly tears meet me
when we stand eye in eye
and I am partly cloudy too.
Open book
If you were a braille book, what I could read,
I would feel every letter with my fingertips,
I would understand your being, I would know
you without stopping. You seem to be more like
my writing: full of spots and a stain of the erase
through the drift which will cover all your mistakes.

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