The Breeze at Dawn / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Breeze at Dawn
When a fresh languorous breeze wades through the dust haze and reaches my still drowsy eyes
through the wire mesh of my window
I know it’s time to shake off the cloaks of disbelief
and to stretch the limbs of hope
The morning breeze always has the magic to lure my heart into dales where the toadstool silently grows beneath the mossy rocks
Where fern fronds nod in satiated lime green euphoria
Content in their ethereal haven under the tall cedar trees
It carries in its blissful heart the sounds of the flute
Of folk songs sung by love lorn maidens besides crystal streams
Of mountain springs that gush and giggle
Through perennial primrose patches that vanish in the night
The breeze at dawn is full of love
It comes with myths and legends tucked inside its wings
It flutters like a thousand prayer flags and gives benedictions
To lost souls and lazy schoolboys who hate the march to school
It gently prods the homeless beggar to get up and splash his grimy face
The lady to tie her faded Sari to catch the bus to work
The faithful to bow in morning Raagas with hymns in their hearts
The breeze knows the temper tantrums of weary bored souls
It whispers a little ditty to cheer their mundane chores
I love the breeze at dawn
Copyright Lily Swarn 14.9.2017

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