Getting old / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Getting old
You know you have become old
Cannot get drenched in the passionate afternoon showers during the monsoon days
Not being able to kiss the beautiful blooming flowers
Count the stars and wish upon a breaking one
Feel exhausted in life’s long run
Never feel to stand and stop by
Look into your beloved’s eye
Butterflies or birds attract you no more
Complaints and grudges are only in your core
You know you have become old when
You don’t feel to fall in love again and again
In solitude you only go deep down memory lanes
You only just follow a monotonous routine
Always wish to go back to the younger age you had been
Then feel you are really growing old
Though you may argue but it’s not always gold
Deep down you wish and crave to be young again
But the wrinkles,weak bones or saggy skin are not the real pain
Ageing is mandatory for growing old is an option to choose
So never break down or the confidence we should loose
It’s all in us , to keep the lively young sprit alive
We can win the age with just a stroke of positive vibe.

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