Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara
I still reminisce the first time we met
Moments I will treasure and never forget
You ensnared my mind, filled it with delight
With you, it was love at first sight
A love so unexpected and sweet
I have never felt so complete
A love , roaring like a flood
Regenerating the cells of my blood
Like a little fall of rain
This love washed away my pain
Into my world of gloominess
You brought light and happiness
In me I let the flame grow
To be more alive, brighten up and glow
There is nothing like first love
It took me higher than stars above.
The sun is no longer in sight
The moon is shining so bright
A cloudless clear sky
Soothes my heart
I wish to jump so high
The moon bathes the world with her silver light
I feel some magic and romance tonight
Divine scenic view
Everything reminds me of you
I feel a thrill of joy in my mind
The light of your love deep inside
Moonlit night has a lesson to teach
Seek beauty and happiness reach
You , to me are akin to the moon
You light my whole night
Like stars sparkling and clear
Within your arms I have nothing to fear
I miss you so much
I miss your care and touch
My mistress of the night
Craving to hug you so tight.
Copy right @ Hassen Gara

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