Miroslava Ramírez (Mexico)

Miroslava Ramírez (Mexico)
Is a Mexican poetess from Xalapa Veracruz, a biologist and teacher of upper secondary education. Her first poetry book “Transmutation”, edited by Chiado at Spain is part of a Brief History of the concrete Literature of Iberoamerican Authors, Chiado Spain publishing house. She collaborates in different literary and cultural publications. Participated in different forums and presentations throughout the country.
I want to be the wind
To rocks the stems whispering
Soft and silent murmurs
In your slight abyss.
A night of a full moon,
Leaning on the balcony of the stars
While love sleeps confident,
Unaware to the spell of the stars.
But my dark side wakes up
Like a wolf subjugated by the moon
Attacking the calm harmony
Of the serene night
Where my lips find
A beautiful case that keep them.
The notion of being the missing piece
To your destination,
The howling of the wolf in our determined
Arena of combat.
I want to be that case
To your exact measurement.
The promise that when it is found
It becomes wild joy.
That wolf dwelling within you.
Sometimes the atmosphere fills us
With aromas of hope as rhymes of new whispers.
Air filling our lungs of fantasy
And magnolias waving their corollas in the breeze.
Saturated night with perfumes, a distant song
It nests in the soul as the cradle of swallows.
This night taken by assault, among stitches
Of stars sewed to the mantle of emptiness.
Darkness absorbs your fingerprints
In the immense cold of nothing. Space without moon.
I regret the stars and the moons
Spent in vain with your words without time.
The music of the cosmos resounds in the air.
Comets in the firmament of time
Flows of my flickering love, not dirty ice.
Luminous energy transcends
To your deep and frozen abyss.
And the harmony of the universe, cadence
Rhythm, the laws of stellar dances
Accompany my luminous and vast flow.
To the beat of Kepler dancing with the stars.
It was not a mistake
Have lived at the edge of sidereal fragments.
You, like antimatter in your empty life,
You will never know the immensity
You did not even perceive.
But the nightly ballad rocks my heart
Amid flashes of lunar dust and rain of stars.
Incipient bursts, barely premonitions of reason.
Perfumes of silent and beautiful flowers
Under the absorbed mantle, so far out from reach…
A song emerges from the depths of the shadows
As omens of northern lights,
In polar waves of sidereal lights and currents,
Safe on land…
Daughter of the cosmos and comets.
Translated by: Alicia Minjarez

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