Poems by Juljana Mehmeti / Translated into English by: Arben Hoti

Poems by Juljana Mehmeti


Throughout Centuries

My life is an imaginary line 
shadow tracks remained at the distant peaks
forgotten tokens of invisible settings
musical notes pentagram
and endless sounds for harmony of soul .

My world is a tree suspended to the sky
rooted deep into the space
thriving wings branches of galaxies
and petals colored
into the heart of constellations.

I am my world
seated there, in the lone meditation chair
transformed into the breeze of the evening sense,
which caresses dreams with reflexes of the moon
sometimes an easy wave caressed by the shore
sometimes a tide slammed furiously
through wasted shores
wandering around in the fire of the sunset
to the far end edges
towards the horizons
to the eternity dawns
shiny children throughout centuries.


Magic moment

The morning lands slowly 
Towards a dawn path,
Where the light and shadow of the moon
Reveals the past thoughts ….
A magic moment
And the breathing ceases
Barefooted between the dreams, crossing over the threshold
Of the conscience
And they chase us behind
With other experience …
Everything that happened
And could happen
Again …
In the mystery of awakening
Of the confessed secrets
Suspended light
Warm embrace of the evening
And the thrill
Of the dawn of the day
The Curiosity of the unknown
Disseminated in the sleepy petals of flowers
Dreaming effervescent of dew
Which tremble
From the expectation
Of what is coming!


Through the furrows of the sky

I haven’t exchanged my eyes, 
Apart from my blur eyesight
Absorbed in your silences,
Exclamation yelled by the quints of night
Dragged to the pain
With broken limbs
Drawn towards the torment
Through the furrows of the sky
Sliding on the hill of the sun
To the marble statue of the indigested pain
In this kneeling of the time
Overflow of waves
In the wave of the memory.


Translated into English by: Arben Hoti

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