DREAMS AND REALITY / Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel



Allow me my lady …
Before the cruel reality 
awaken my dream
On the verge of truth
To wipe the sorrows…
On your loving eyes sentimentality
With joy
And kind colors of butterflies
While my heart is weaving a lace
Of shy purity
A lace …
Of all lovers stories

A lace …
That colors moon’s face
With the joy of our hearts
And your warm innocent smile.
Allow me my lady
To write you a poem
A poem of love
That never has been
Or never will be read…
By human eyes …
A poem that is written
In alphabet…
Of your beautiful shyness
Alphabet …

Inspired by your eyes …
The alphabet of natural beauty
That was not touched
By a human-being’s eyes
The beauty of nature in your eyes ..
The beauty of moons and the suns
The beauty of love streams and rivers
The beauty of the moments…
Of sunrise and sunset
That peacefully and safely
Dressed in your charm.

Cause my Lady …
You are .
My yesterday
My Today

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