Poems by Hector Genotype 

Poems by Hector Genotype 


My first epistle to God

The Almighty God,
Unto the less fellow
Hector genotype

I was taken by sin
And should have been killed by him
Then came Christ who rescued me
Having understood am a human.

And when Christ would have known
The cause wherefore Satan accused
Me of,
He brought me forth into Your council

Christ perceived that i was accused
Of things concerning laws
But there’s nothing laid to my charge
Worthy of death or of bonds
Becos all my iniquities are on Him

And when it was told unto Christ
How Satan laid wait for me
He sent straightway me to Thee
And gave commandment to Satan
Also to say before Thee what he
Had against me.



I want to end these sorrows
Like a quick-witted cockney sparrow
Nesting on the east end of ancient London
With peace ,perfect peace echelon

Yes! , I wish to end this urge
An itch which at its rate upsurge
Which had gobbled the just in me
Of sanctimonious to be

Surely , I need to end this life ,
Time of hypocritically pious
In frith, waiting at the celestial house
Before the six drop to five

Finally, is time I end this way
Stiffen on what they will say
For the time is now!
A righteous dow.



We will moan on our bed with berceuse
Glabrousing anew because ,
We are the sauce 
To our lives

We will hit the acme of frabjous
We will sink into the purity of joyous
And we will arouse
Just because!
We are the sauce
Of our lives.

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